There are a lot of calculator brands in the market. But some brands have kept their places in high since the beginning. Check out which brand is dominating the current market; which calculators are most demand-able right now. Also check their recent products and upcoming products info. From this segment you will get the whole information.

Calculator Top Brands of 2019

Getting the perfect calculator can help you doing math comfortably and easy way. But buying the perfect calculator is a donkey task, and most of the people fail to identify the perfect calculator for lacking knowledge and understanding own demand as well. 

If you choose a brand calculator, this will save your time and help you determine a good calculator effortlessly. Because brand products are always good as they care about their reputation. In this post, I am listing the 5 top calculators that will help you identifying perfect calculator effortlessly.

List of Top 5 Calculator Brands Available in the Market

Casio - Popular Scientific Calculator Manufacturer

Casio is one of the most famous manufacturers of calculators in the world. They are popular for their scientific calculators. Also, they produce engineering calculators and graphing calculators as well.

The scientific calculators they made can be used easily by the 11 years old students. Top 4 most popular scientific calculators made by this company are Casio fx-300MS Scientific Calculator, Casio fx-115ES Plus Scientific Calculator, Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator, and Casio fx-260 SOLAR Scientific Calculator.

Casio also produces basic calculators which are very easy to operate. Basic calculators are easily readable. These are the calculators which the students can use in their schools. Top 4 basic calculators made by Casio are Casio MH-10M Business Calculator, Casio Inc. HS8VA Standard Function Calculator, Casio MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator, and Casio Basic Solar Folding Compact Calculator. Among these, Casio MH-10M is a financial calculator.

Casio also produces printing calculators which are basically desktop calculators. These types of calculators are used for accounting purpose.

Texas Instruments - Graphing calculator Manufacturer

Texas Instruments is a popular technology company in the USA. The company started their business in 1930. Basically, they produce an integrated circuit as well as semiconductors. They are one of the best semiconductor producers in the world.

This Texas-based popular technology company also produce various types of calculators including scientific calculators, financial calculators, graphing calculators, engineering calculators, and programmable calculators.

A scientific calculator is specially made for the students to help them in calculating various problems in math, science, and engineering. If the students and the professionals need quick mathematical solutions, a scientific calculator is a must. Best scientific calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments are Texas Instruments 36X Pro, Texas Instruments NSpire CAS, Texas Instruments NSpire CX and Texas Instruments 84 plus CE.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus is rated as the best financial calculator made by the company.

If you are in the task of data collection, then a quality graphing calculator is a must for you. Texas Instruments 84 plus CE is the Finest graphing calculator made by this company.

Canon - Japanese calculator Manufacturer

Canon is a famous Japanese company for making high-quality cameras, photocopy machines, camcorders, projectors, laser presenters, medical tools and computer printers. The company started a business in 1937. They are a Public company.

Canon also produces various types of calculators with various applications. They basically make scientific calculators, printing calculators, and desktop calculators. Besides these, they also make basic calculators, electronic calculators, and financial calculators.

Printing calculators are often called desktop calculators. They are important for you ion financial sector if you are working to calculate profit margins or making sales receipt. Canon MP11DX-2 is rated as the best printing calculator made by canon.

Without using a scientific calculator, it’s really hard to manage complex mathematical problems. Canon is offering 4 quality scientific calculators. These are canon f-792sga, canon f-719sg, canon F-730SX Scientific Calculator, canon f-605 scientific calculator, and canon f-719sg.

HP - US-based calculator Manufacturer

HP is US-based information Technology Company. The company is public and well-renowned for their business operations in computer hardware, IT consulting and computer software. HP also produce various types of calculators such as scientific calculators, financial calculators, graphing calculators, and electric calculators.

If you are in a situation where you need quick and speedy results of mathematical problems, you need to use a scientific calculator. The benefit of using a scientific calculator is that you can very easily calculate large numbers. A scientific calculator is the perfect example of calculators for exams. HP made the first scientific calculator in the world in 14968. The model was HP-9100A.

Now some of the quality HP scientific calculators are HP 35s Scientific Calculator, HP 32Sii Scientific Calculator and HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator. A graphing calculator is needed when you want to solve simultaneous equations and plot graphs. HP is offering you two high-quality graphing calculators. These are HP Prime Graphing Calculator and HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 Graphing Calculator.

Sharp - Customer Demand calculator Manufacturer

In our list, Sharp is the last calculator brand that has good customer demand. They care about their customers and try to put the best value on their product. If you are searching a good calculator to use, you must check Sharp calculator and pick the perfect one from many different models available. This will save your time and help you get a good calculator easily.

They have some good model available in the market. Different type of models like normal calculator, scientific calculator and graphing calculator they produce that will help you doing critical math effortlessly. So you can check the models carefully to identify the perfect one for you.

Getting good calculator for math is important. Even you are doing regular math, try to get the perfect calculator to get the best result. To avoid getting the wrong type of calculator, you can pick the brand calculators. This also helps to avoid low quality calculator as well.

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