TI-84 PLUS Graphing Calculator Review

Last Updated On: May 17, 2019

Study has become more realistic nowadays. Now it is hard to believe the entire math you are solving without visualizing their appliance in real life. So a graphing calculator is going to introduce you with the realistic mathematical world by its graphing ability of any equation.

That’s why they don’t even need pencils, rubbers, graph papers and so on. A graphing calculator like Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus can do all of the graphs a student probably need. This saves the valuable time of the user.

I remember when I used pencils, rubbers, graph paper and ordinary scientific calculator to draw down a graph with the given equation. It took too much time and also not reliable every time. So I find the geometry section as boring as hell. But the time is over. Now students have graphing calculators. 

What is TI-84 Plus Calculator?

TI-84 Plus is one of the most successful calculators by the manufacturer, Texas Instruments. It is a graphing calculator. It has been created to reduce the problems of students when they face graph related problems.

These lengthy calculations can be solved here very easily within a very short time span. 

TI-84 Plus is a series calculator. That means it has other versions. The most popular versions of TI-84 Plus are texas instruments ti 84 plus c silver edition and texas instruments ti 84 plus ce.

These versions have some improved features like colorful display and thinness feature. Since these calculators appeared in the market, they have created a craze over the market.

TI-84 PLUS Graphing Calculator Review

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Who needs TI-84 Plus?

A graphing calculator is not going to be a primary need for all students. A student at college level needs this calculator most. In high school, teachers seldom allow a graphing calculator. They try to emphasis over handy learning.

They won’t allow you do these stuffs in a calculator at the beginning period of your learning. But at middle school, college and engineering students need this calculator to do calculations easily at critical stages.

Exams like SAT, PSAT, ACT, IB and AP will allow you to take TI-84 Plus calculator. In my opinion this calculator is suitable for all of these exams mentioned above.

Product Specifications

Product Name : Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

Model Number : TI84PLUS

Manufacturer Name : Texas Instruments

Color : ​Black

Internal RAM : ​0.032MB

Screen Size : 3

Dimension of Product : 7.8 x 6.1 x 1.3 inches

Weight of Item : 15.2 ounces

USB Port : 1

USB Version : USB 2.0

Battery Type : AAA Alkaline

Average Battery Life : 4 months

Required Battery : ​1 Lithium Metal battery

Benefits of using TI-84 Plus graphing calculator

The benefits of using TI-84 plus is huge. Firstly, you will get access to SAT, PSAT, ACT IB and AP exams. Secondly, you will get 480KB built-in ROM to save calculations in the memory.

You will also get 24K RAM for a speedy calculation solving. Pre algebra problems can be easily solved by this calculator.

You can also do Trigonometry, geometry, finance, chemistry, physics, pre calculus, business, statistics, linear algebra and also so on calculations over this calculator. 

Comparing to other calculators, TI-84 Plus calculator has more built-in functions and features than other calculators. For example: TI-83 Plus does not have as much features as much TI-84 Plus have.

Features of TI-84 Plus Calculator

There are some Features of TI-84 Plus Calculator which are the most important. You have to find out these.

Faster Processor

TI-84 Plus calculator has made to standardize the previous version TI-83 Plus which is one of the best selling product of Texas Instruments. The processor of TI-84 Plus is more or less 2.5 times faster than TI-83 Plus calculator.

USB port and cable

TI 84 usb cable and port is one of the best features of this calculator. This can be connected to a pc to share files. Twelve programs are pre loaded in this calculator like CBL/CR, Cabri Jr, conic graphing etc.

Split screen to see graph and equation at the same time

This feature gives you the opportunity of watching the graph and the equation over the same screen.

TI 84 plus accessories

TI-84 Plus calculator comes with a box full of accessories stuffs. It contains the calculator, normal slide case, TI product CD-ROM with ti 84 calculator app and guidebook of full reference, USB cable or TI connectivity cable, warranty information and a ti 84 battery made of silver oxide.

​Further Information: How To Use A Graphing Calculator

Why We Recommend It

Fast processor


Multi functional

More memory (ROM) and RAM than previous version

12 Pre-loaded important apps

Graphing ability of extended functions

Split screen

Lot of accessories

Larger screen

Lot of new functions to explore

Other Considerations

Choking hazard: Not for children under 3 years

Do not have color display and can’t utilize image

Not handy for mechanical engineering and differential equation

Not useful for life science, electrical engineering and physical science

Not much thin like TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Texas Instruments TI 84 allowed in the act?

Yes! Of course, you can use TI 84 series calculators in ACT exams. Even you can take this calculator in SAT, PSAT, IB and AP exams. To make sure you can visit Texas Instruments official website. There you can find a broad list of exams where particular calculator is accepted or allowed.

Q: Which TI graphing calculator is the best?

In my opinion every Texas Instruments calculators are best at their own point of view. It is according to your need and budget that which calculator you might buy. If you are going to take part in an exam, then check for the eligible calculator list. There are a lot of good graphing calculators like TI-83 Plus, ti 84 plus calculator, ti 84 plus silver edition. According to your budget buy any of them.

Q: Is the TI 84 Plus rechargeable?

No you can’t recharge TI 84 Plus calculator. It has AAA alkaline batteries for power. But TI 84 Plus CE calculator has recharging feature via USB cable. ti 84 plus ce charger can be brought individually from other sellers.  

Q: How to play games on ti 84 plus?

TI 84 Plus is a programmable graphing calculator. This calculator has hidden gaming feature which might you never knew. See the user manual to learn how to play a game on these calculators because gaming option and type varies calculator to calculator.

Q: How do you clear a TI 84 Plus calculator?

This question is about ti 84 how to reset topic. Well, To clear all memory press 2nd+ MEM, select 2 that means delete , then select 1 that means all. Use DEL button to clear anything you need.

Q: How do I know if my TI 84 Plus is charging?

Sorry buddy, if you have a TI 84 Plus calculator then it doesn’t have any charging feature. See the user manual to learn about it.

Q: What cable does the TI 84 Plus use?

TI 84 Plus calculator has a USB 2.0 cable and port. The cable will come along with the box of the calculator where every necessary thing will be available.

Q: Is the TI 84 Plus rechargeable?

No you can’t recharge TI 84 Plus calculator. It has AAA alkaline batteries for power. But TI 84 Plus CE calculator has recharging feature via USB cable.

Q: How do you connect your TI-84 to your computer?

The USB 2.0 cable will connect you to the computer for file sharing or other usage.

Q: How do you graph on a TI 84 Plus?

Graphing calculator like TI 84 Plus is a very friendly device to use. You have to just put values for equation and the calculator will draw graph automatically for you. See user manual to learn how to do graph on your calculator over any situation.

Buying Advice

If you are searching for a standard calculator that can solve your regular graphing problems I think TI-84 Plus is the best of all. Its price is also very reasonable. The best place to buy this product will be Amazon in my opinion.Check out right now this website to learn about your discount and other gift card related bonus options.

TI-84 PLUS Graphing Calculator Accessories List

TI-SmartView™ CE Emulator Software for the TI-84 Plus family

TI-SmartView™ CE Emulator Software for the TI-84 Plus family

CBL 2™ System

CBL 2™ System

CBR 2™ Motion Sensor

CBR 2™ Motion Sensor

TI Connect™ CE Software

 TI Connect™ CE Software

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Operating System



Calculators are useful. But we should not buy a calculator with unnecessary features. TI-84 Plus is one of the finest devices from the manufacturer, Texas Instruments. Check these features of this calculator and if these features fulfill your need, I bet TI-84 Plus is going to give you a pleasing experience that you might never had before.

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2019)
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