TI-30XS MultiView Calculator Review

Last Updated On: December 10, 2018

In this article, I am going to give a broad review of a perfect scientific calculator which is named ti-30xs multiview calculator for high school students and examines.

Don’t worry! This is the right calculator for your high school children, I bet it.

You are having a hard time when it comes to the matter of choosing the right equipment for education for your children, don’t you? Yeah! I know parents have a lot of misconceptions about studying materials like calculators, geometry box etc.

Price $$$
Quality High
Model TI30XSMV
ColorBlue and White
Lime green
Dimension9.8 x 6.7 x 1.2
Display lines 16 x 4
Weight8.2 ounces
Shipping Weight1.05 pounds
Battery TypeCR 123A
Other Power source Solar Power

They don’t even have the right idea what to choose and what not to. Especially when your child is heading to exams like SAT, ACT and AP exams, you have to make sure you are going to give him the right equipment on his/her hand. 

What is TI-30XS MultiView calculator?

TI-30xs is one of the most successful calculators of the renowned calculator brand, Texas Instruments. This calculator first came to the market in 2007. Since then, this calculator has kept its high acceptability to the high school students.

Its 4 layer display has separated itself from the other ordinary calculator. This calculator is made for doing various scientific calculations like logarithm, trigonometry, table, functions etc.

Its Math-Print feature is also a mention-worthy feature. This feature inputs math in textbook mode. That means you can enter your equation or math as same as written in your textbook. 

Classic calculators didn’t have this special mode. Like other Texas Instruments scientific calculators, this calculator has all the fundamental scientific functions and modes.

TI-30XS MultiView Calculator Review

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Who needs TI-30XS MultiView calculator?

Texas instruments calculators TI-30xs is beneficial for science starter students. Functions of TI 30XS Multi-view are very much friendly for a beginner science student. This calculator gives the same output as a textbook.

So a high school student can easily understand the expressions of this calculator. Moreover, 4 layers of Multi-view feature help a student to do multitask at one time. He can also look at the answers at a time.

It saves time; especially when you are going to sit on exams like SAT, ACT, and AP. Basic algebra, trigonometry, physics, and chemistry related problem solving are suitable for this calculator. 

Product Specifications

Product Name : Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView 

Model Number : TI30XSMV

Manufacturer Name : Texas Instruments

Color : Blue and White, Lime green

Display lines : 16 x 4 

Dimension of Product : 9.8 x 6.7 x 1.2 inches

Weight of Item : 15.2 ounces

shipping weight : 1.05 pounds

Battery Type : CR 123A

Required Battery : 1 CR 123A battery 

Other power source : Solar Power

Benefits of using TI-30XS MultiView Calculator

TI 30XS calculator is one of the finest additions of Texas Instruments Calculator Company. When we talk about exams, the first strategy will be the saving of time. Guess, you have done multiple calculations and now you need your previous calculation back.

It is hard to find, isn’t it?

You have to press the upper button continuously to find the previous calculation. Now, this is killing your valuable time in the exam hall.

Even I have faced these problems in my student life. 

When I saw Texas instruments TI-30xs calculator, I was very upset because I came to know about this calculator when my student life is over.

Now if we talk about the scientific calculation and Math-Print mode, it is pretty much impressive. 

Same output as a textbook will help your child to understand problems much more easily. Table related problems can be also very easily done by your ti 30 calculator.

All you have to do is inputting the value of X. It will automatically give you the output value for Y.

Features of TI-30XS MultiView Calculator

There are some Features of TI-30XS MultiView Calculator which are the most important. You have to find out these.

More calculation over one screen

Four line display help students to compare calculations over maximum 4 problems. It can also explore different patterns on the same screen.

Toggling the output result immediately

You can toggle your output result instantly from fraction to decimal or decimal to fraction by using Toggle Key.

Entering common math notions exactly same as the textbook

The MathPrint™ feature of Texas instruments TI-30xs Multiview lets you to do roots, squire, exponents and stacked functions exactly same as your textbook. This will reduce the error which student face while calculating math. 

Why We Recommend It

Four-line display

Statistics for one and two variables

MathPrint™ feature

Edit cut and paste entries

Fraction to decimal or decimal to fraction conversion

Simplification of fraction step by step

Fraction/decimal conversion

Battery and solar powered

Other Considerations

Calculations related to huge amount or very low amount can’t be reliable

Not able to graph


No sound option

Not pretty much reliable for college-level physics, chemistry or math

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a TI-30xs calculator?

TI-30XS is one of the most successful calculators of the renowned calculator brand, Texas Instruments. This calculator has kept its high acceptability to the high school students from the very beginning. Its 4 layer display has separated itself from the other ordinary calculator.

This calculator is made for doing various scientific calculations like logarithm, trigonometry, table, functions etc. Its MathPrint™ feature is also a mention-worthy feature. This is a very useful scientific calculator for high school students indeed.

Q: Can I use a TI-30xs MultiView in the act? 

Of course you can! You can even use this calculator for SAT and AP exams. But I would recommend you to think wisely before buying this calculator.

Because I have seen some kids use higher model calculators in SAT exams. But if you are asking for acceptance, I can assure you without any mistake that you can use this calculator for the ACT.

Q: Is the TI-30xs MultiView a graphing calculator?

No, this is not a graphing calculator. You can solve general table, functions or even calculus problems. But no graphing options are available here.

This is a general scientific calculator for high school students. If you want to buy a graphing calculator I will recommend you TI-84 Plus graphing calculator.

Q: How to use the ti-30xs MultiView calculator?

Ti-30XS MultiView scientific calculator is a very ordinary type scientific calculator. It is not pretty much hard to understand. But there are some features which you might never be heard of.

So I will suggest you to look at ti-30xs manual. This will help you to understand this calculator very easily.

Q: How do you do exponents on a TI-30xs?

As TI-30xs is a very ordinary type scientific calculator, so exponents are also very easy to do. You can find exactly same buttons which you need. Log, e and other power related buttons are available in this calculator.

Some may find a problem to find the “E” button. In this calculator, the “E” button is denoted by the “x10x” button. This is because this calculator gives output exactly same as your textbook.

Buying Advice

Well, if you are anxious about buying a calculator for your high school child, I will recommend you this calculator. This calculator might not work well for the college stage math, physics, and chemistry.

But you will get the smooth and reliable result for high school students and science beginners. Pre Decide before using for SAT exam through this calculator is applicable for SAT exam. 

Amazon is the best place for buying this product. You can also buy a cover for this calculator. Amazon has two types of color for this calculator. Choose which color your child like. In addition, buying this calculator with 1 or 2 years policy will keep your calculator safe.

TI-30XS MultiView Accessories List

TI-SmartView™ Emulator Software

TI-SmartView™ Emulator Software



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Texas Instruments is a giant company and they are producing quality products since the very beginning. So the quality of this calculator will never go under questions.

If these features match your child’s need, you can purchase this calculator without any hesitation. Besides, check the Amazon website, may you get an offer for this calculator. Hope this review helped you a lot and you have understood all of the facts that you should know.

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)
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Now a days a lot of products are available in the market. It is very hard to choose the right equipment for your child, isn’t it? Regarding your problem, I have tried to give the full and specific information about ti-30xs multiview calculator.

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