How to reset your calculator – Step By Step Ultimate Guide

Last Updated On: May 11, 2019

Lacking of knowledge about a calculator may cause may unexpected issues. Resetting your calculator is one of the most common problems for a new user. In order to resetting your calculator, at first you have to know why you should reset your calculator.

There are some common reasons for clearing the memory and resetting the calculator. So before starting how to reset calculator, let’s start a query for the reasons behind the resetting your calculator.

How to reset your calculator – Step By Step Guide

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Why we need to reset our calculator?

There will be a huge list of valid reasons why we should reset our calculator. Some common reasons are-

Using a special mode like matrix, vector, complex, spreadsheet, equation etc and then you want to go back to the previous mode or factory default mode.

You have stored some data and now you want to erase them.

You want to change the radian or gradient mode for your calculator and want to go back to degree mode which is default.

Something malfunction happens with the calculator.

Once you have changed display contrast but now you want to set it to the default contrast of your calculator.

Also there are some other reasons for resetting your calculator. But whatever the reason is, you should know how many types of resetting or formatting options you have available.

How many options we have for formatting our calculator

There are six or seven (even more) options for clearing the memory of a calculator. Let’s have a look at the options that we have-

Memory management or delete - This option will let you to manage your memory like stored data.

Clear entries - It will clear all entries from your calculator which you have performed previously.

Clear mode - This option is used for clearing special modes of the calculator like vector, matrix, equation, spreadsheet, complex, base etc modes.

Clear archive - Archived memory like apps, vars etc can be formatted through this option.

Clear all - This option will clear all memories from your calculator. It will put your calculator to the factory default.

How to reset your calculator - Step By Step

To reset a calculator you have to find the reset button. Check for this in your calculator. If you don’t find this button, see the user manual and learn about how to reset your calculator. After pressing the reset button there will be some reset options.

These options are the choice for your reset action. Some calculator has numeral command mode to reset. Example: Casio calculators. And some calculators need to scroll over the reset option. Example - Texas Instruments calculators

Numeral action procedure

Turn on the calculator

Press “RESET” button

Choose 1/2/3/4 etc to perform the action command. Suppose you want to clear all; this command is in number 3. So press “3”

Press “Enter” or “=” button

Scrolling procedure

Turn on the calculator

Press “RESET”

Scroll over the action that you want to perform. Suppose you want to clear mode

Scroll over “CLEAR MODE”

Press “ENTER” button

How to reset scientific calculator?

Scientific calculators are very easy to perform a reset. After installing a new battery you have to perform a hard reset. Let’s talk about the hard reset option here. Open the back case of the calculator with a screwdriver. Replace the new battery with the old one.Put the back case on again.

To delete modes and memory from your calculator you need to perform this reset.

Turn on the calculator

Press “SHIFT” + “7(RESET)”

Chose from the options. If you want to initialize all and want a factory default reset press “3”

Press “=” button twice. The reset is done.

How to reset graphing calculator?

Graphing calculators are one kind of specialized scientific calculator which can make a graph for any valid equation. Most of the graphing calculators are programmable and enlarged with pre installed apps. To reset this particular kind of calculator, Try this procedure.

Find the “MEM” button after turning on this calculator

Press 2nd+ MEM button

Choose 7 which has reset option

Scroll to the ALL directed place and choose it

Press 1

Read the warnings for the reset option. Press “2’

Press “ENTER” button

Now your reset is done

How to reset casio calculator?

Most of the general Casio calculator have numeral resetting option. Usually it contains with 3 options. They are - setup data, clear memory and initialize all. To reset Casio calculator, follow this procedure-

Turn on the calculator

Press “SHIFT” + “7(RESET)”

Chose from the options. If you want to initialize all and want a factory default reset press “3”

Press “=” button twice

The reset is done.

How do you reset a Casio FX 9750GII?

This calculator is an advanced scientific calculator from Casio Calculator Company. It has so many options and often needs to reset. There are some options for resetting this calculator. They are- Setup Data, Main Memories, Add-In, Storage Memories, Add-In and Storage etc.  Let’s see how we can reset this particular calculator. Remember this will delete all RAM, Programs, archive memories and data.

Turn on the calculator

Press the MENU button

Scroll and highlight to the SYSTEM icon

Press EXE to enter to the system settings

Press F5 to reset your memory

Press F1 and let the reset to be completed. Press EXIT and return to the main menu.

How do you reset a TI 84 Plus?

There are two types of reset option for TI-84 plus calculator. One is the hard reset and the other one is soft reset. Let’s talk about both of them.

 Performing a soft reset will solve the problem of how to clear history on ti 84 plus.

Turn on the calculator

Press 2nd and then + button to get access to the memory option

Choose RESET option by pressing “7”

Move the pointer to the third tab

Choose “All Memory”. That will be very first option

Reset your calculator by choosing the second option

Now let’s talk about the hard reset. If you are trying to perform a hard reset that means you are going to have the calculator as you bought in the previous. It needs to do sometimes when the calculator is not working properly or you need to change the battery. So the procedures are-
Check if you need to backup any data for your use. If not, follow the next step.

Turn on the calculator. Remember, your calculator must remain turned on when you are going to make a hard reset for this by removing your battery.​​​​

Remove battery from the back of the calculator

Put the battery again on that position

The hard reset is​​​​ done. This will clear the RAM.

Final Verdict

Calculators are easy to use. But you have to know how to use it properly. Sometimes we need to change our calculation mode and want to come back to the previous mode. I hope this article will help you to learn how to reset a calculator properly.
If you just want to change the mode or want to clear memory or storage, I will recommend you to perform a soft reset. If you are having problems with your calculator, a hard reset is recommended. Finally, if anything goes terribly wrong, contact with the manufacturer if you have any guaranty or warranty.     

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2019)
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