Are you just enrolled yourself in an engineering college? Or in a high school where you’ll need to solve advanced mathematical problems? To eradicate your difficulties in solving advanced mathematical problems, a scientific calculator with good features are essential. Though there is some math that can be solved manually, for fast calculation, you'll need a scientific calculator.

By the help of a scientific calculator, you can do any mathematical problems within few seconds. To keep your scientific calculator in good condition and for proper maintenance, you'll need a case, protector, and other accessories. On some calculator, you'll need to spend a good amount. You must not want your new calculator will become inactive due to lack of proper maintenance. To protect your calculator screen, you'll need a good quality protector for carrying a carrying case etc.

By considering your needs and importance of taking proper care of your favorite calculator, we brought to you a list of twelve best scientific calculator accessories with reviews. Thus, this buying guide will help you to get the right product that is necessary for your calculator for elongating its life. I hope these best scientific calculator accessories won’t disappoint you. For more information, just read the entire article carefully.

Calculator accessories - Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Quick Comparison – Our Top 5 Picks

1. Guerrilla Military Grade Screen Protector 2-Pack For TI Nspire CX

Guerrilla Military grade protector is the first best calculator accessories on our list. Those who just bought an expensive calculator will need a protector if they want to make it durable. If you are owning a graphing calculator, this accessory is for you. To protect your calculator screen from any kind of scratches, this protector will be the best option for you. Its important features are given below.

Guerrilla Military grade protector

Features and Benefits

The first important thing to mention about this protector is, it's a military grade screen protector. Thus, it's can withstand high pressure. As the screen protector comes with a precise cut. So, it can fit your calculator screen easily and precisely.

The second best thing to mention about this best screen protector its anti-glare technology. The graphing calculator needs a clear screen for getting precise value. In this case, a calculator with the glaring screen will probably confuse you with the value. But this screen protector doesn't have such disadvantage and allows you to take the precise value from your calculator.

We don't use our calculator with clean hands always. So, it is possible to leave fingerprints on your calculator after every use. And, if it goes for a long time, a permanent scratch or scrape will be created there. But this, high-quality screen protector protects your calculator screen from any kind of scratch or permanent satin.

The last thing to mention about this higher grade screen protector is its high strength and durability. No doubt, it's a heavy-duty screen protector specially made for the versatile application. All the edges of the protector are cut precisely where no extra part is available. This fine cut protector fits your screen perfectly.

What We Like

Amazing protector for your calculator screen

Protects your screen from any kind of scrape and fingerprints

Anti-glare technology provides comfortable calculation

High-quality material lasts long

Increases the screen durability

Comes with a comparatively cheap rate


Sometimes the protector may not fit with some model of calculators

This protector specially made for the graphing calculators. Though it goes for some specific model, you can use it for your own calculator also. In this case, you may need to resize the protector according to your screen. As it is a low budget protector, it is affordable.

Look! What we have brought to you now! A calculator case and it’s also from our previous manufacturer the Guerrilla. For carrying and protecting the entire body of the calculator, a calculator case is needed. This, Guerrilla Hard case supports a wide range of calculator. This hard shell gives external protection on your best graphing calculator. Actually, it’s a package with a number of kits for the proper maintenance of your calculator. To know more about this multi-purpose accessory kit, just read the features:

 Guerrilla Hard Travel Case

Features and Benefits

The case is compatible with a number of calculator models such as HP50G, Ti-89 Titanium, TI-83, 84 plus with all colors, 89 and Nspire CX. Again, CX CAS are also included in this list. Almost, all the graphing calculator can fit this high strength case. Even you can put the HP prime in the list.

The second best thing to highlight about this calculator case, its material. We all know the material ensures the product long life. Its anti-shock EVA material will compel you to fall for this product. Thus, the material is top quality and highly resistant to weather which is a bonus point of this calculator case. As it is anti-shock, it will protect your valuable calculator from vibrations and jerking.

For everyday school, this case can be easily carried with its carrying strap. Thus, the Guerrilla Hard case includes mesh pocket inside the case where you can store the charger and cables to carry with you. Again, the holding strap holds the calculator with the strap tightly. This case comes in some bright colors which are attractive and cool.

Actually, it is not only a hard zipper case but also a complete accessory kit which includes two pencils with leads. It also provides a graphing ruler for the graphing calculator and eraser. The whole package can easily fit in the case. If you need to take your calculator outdoor, you can easily take this without being anxious. The Guerrilla Hardcover will take care of your calculator.

What We Like

An Affordable calculator with lots of features

Battery and slower powered

Allows you to review and edit entries of your problems


The zipper may be stuck as it is quite stiff


Hope you got it right about this best scientific calculator accessories review. You'll get all the things that are required to take care of your calculator. As it offers a full package, it is the little bit pricey. But we all know that for the better quality we had to spend more. That is why we enlisted this as one of the best scientific calculator accessories. Actually, you won't get a lot of facilities all along like this product.

Our next product is also from the number one calculator accessory brand the Guerrilla. This time it brings another model of calculator case, the Guerrilla Silicone case. Likewise, it is suitable for the Nspire Cx and another graphing calculator. Thus, the Silicone case makes the calculator button more responsive. You will get to know more about its amazing features from below:

Guerrilla Silicone case

Features and Benefits

If you're planning to gift your younger siblings a new calculator with a cool carrying case, this silicone case could be the first choice. This case provides ultimate protection for your lovely calculator and also feels good and fresh when doing the math. Though there are varieties of color, picked the red here. The red is the color of the kids. So, for a school student, it will be the best pick.

The case is made of high-quality silicone which is very soft and the button comes with bold color and easy to recognize. Again, the button is no-tear able and lasts long. Not only children but also the adult college student and professors also use this silicone case. As it comes in various color it is fashionable and famous among the young generation.

During the school years, you'll need a good calculator with accessories so that you don't have to invest twice on this. To protect your calculator fully, you will need a full-cover or case for your calculator. The Guerrilla silicone case is that kind of calculator. This solid case covers the calculator fully and gives protection from any external harm. The best-fit calculator for this case is Nspire CX and CAS.

It offers full access to all the ports and buttons. The charger port and the buttons are responsive. This, a case is fully Wrap-around. Being made with silicone, it is easy to remove. So, you can put and remove the case any time.

What We Like

Made of high-quality silicone

Flexible easy to put on and remove

Fully wrap around calculator case

Responsive to all buttons and the ports are accessible

Best calculator case for the school student

Very soft and comfortable to use


It may slide off due to open back

Sometimes it takes time to fit on

If you are looking for a flexible case that will fully cover your calculator, this product will be the best case for you. Thus, it’s easy to access feature makes the student more comfortable while using. It is made of a tear able silicone. So, it is long lasting.

After case and protectors, we are here with our fourth calculator accessories, Amazon Basic USB. You'll only need a cable for the calculator when you want to transfer some data from your calculator to other device or any phone. Most of the programmable calculators include this system. Sometimes, it is needed to recharge the battery too. Please read the following feature for further information.

Amazon Basics USB 2.0 Cable

Features and Benefits

This high-speed cable is suitable for connecting any other device. It’s a 2.0 USB male cable. Even you can connect this to your computer easily. Also, the external hard drive can be connected to this cable. Suppose you need to transfer some saved data from your calculator to an external drive, you can easily do that without any interruption.

Other speed-critical devices, such as smartphones, can also be connected to this USB cable. If you are in hurry and you just need some important data from your device to calculator, this Amazon USB cable will be the best cable.

Again, this cable can be used for other devices or various purposes such as transferring photos from your phone to the computer etc. The investment behind this mini cable is really worthy. This, high-quality cable comes with a one year warranty for better customer experience.

The cable is made of high-quality material which is resistant to the corrosion. Thus, the connectors of the cable are gold plated which are highly conductive. Again, this plating provides the optimal and clear signal. It is also shielded properly for avoiding the interference. Besides, it is compatible with USB 1.0.

What We Like

Three feet long cable is easy to store

Portable and durable

Made with high quality and corrosion resistive material

Passes clear and optimal signal

Speedy USB cable for any device


The length of the cable should be more

If you are looking for a USB cable, Amazon Basics will be the best solution for this. It is also reasonable in price and affordable to all. Just hurry up and grab your cable.

Here go our fifth best graphing calculator accessories off the list. We again came with a storage case for your favorite calculator. But this time not from the Guerrilla but from Caseling. This Caseling Case for the graphing calculator is an outstanding carrying case for those who are using a graphing calculator and facing problem due to carrying them. As this a versatile travel bag for calculators, any calculator can fit this easily. Let's see what more it includes:

Caseling CASE

Features and Benefits

The calculator case comes with sufficient space inside it. Thus, it is 8 inches long which really enough for any calculator. Even the carrying bag is wide enough. You don’t need to put extra effort on this. As it fits nicely, you can use this bag carrying your calculator outdoor. Again, this will protect your calculator from any external pressure or vibration.

The carrying bag is universal and can easily fit most of the financial, graphing and scientific calculator. It covers the HP and TI series almost. Also, HP prime Casio PRIZM graphing calculator can fit this case easily. Moreover, all kind of graphing calculator of different brand fits this perfectly. If you do not own any of the above mention models, you can check the dimensions from the manufacturer just to be sure that it will fit your calculator.

Now come to its material, it is made of high-quality EVA. Thus, this is anti-shock and it can withstand the jerking and vibration smoothly leaving your calculator protected. Again, the case is weather resistant. So, you won't have to worry if you need to go out with your calculator on rainy days. Again, the case includes soft inner pocket which is meshed and specially made for carrying the charger and USB cable with you. The removable strap for handling provides additional comfort for carrying your calculator.

Besides, this carrying case is suitable for the Guerrilla silicone case. If you prefer double protection for your valuable calculator, you can use the Guerrilla Silicone case first and then carry this with this nice CASELING case. Yes, this travel case allows other sliding case and silicone case smoothly. This carrying is so handy that you can carry this anywhere you want.

What We Like

Universal hard carrying case for all calculators

Large and wide enough to fit any model

Comes with the top quality EVA

Resistant to shock and weather

Provides meshed pocket for carrying additional kits

Removable strap for better protection

Holding strap for easy carrying


Calculator exceeding the dimensions will not fit fully in this case

The Caseling carrying case is quite reasonable in price. So, anybody can afford it. For a limited budget, this carrying case is the best financial calculator case. If you consider the above-mentioned feature meets your requirement, you should not wait just go for it. 

Guess what we bring in the number six? Yes, it’s a USB cable again. Now, this cable is from the renowned brand Guerrilla. A USB cable is an essential thing for your calculator if it is programmable and you need to install some software. For more information about this calculator, read the following features:

Guerrilla USB cable for TI 84 Plus

Features and Benefits

The Guerrilla USB cable mainly supports the TI 84 edition and TI 84 silver, TI 89 and Nspire etc. If you own any of them, you can choose this cable. Actually, it's a mini cable and can be used to transfer data from your calculator to computer or other smartphones.

Again, this cable is portable and durable. As it is not too much longer, it is easy to handle and store. You can use this cable to transfer data from your calculator to PC or to MAC. As we know that all the cables don't support MAC. For this, you can trust the Guerrilla USB cable.

The cable is made of high-quality material. Thus, it is very fast and hard. Again, the cable can be used for the calculator app also. To connect with the calculator app from your calculator, this cable will be helpful.

The cable ensures great functionality and perfect for downloading apps and software that is required for your calculator. Generally, it is used to increase the functionality of your calculator, especially for TI series. As it is portable, no additional space or bag required to carry it. You can carry it with the calculator case.

What We Like

High-quality material for the smooth signal

Portable and easy to store and carry

Comes with reasonable price

Supports Mac and PC

Best for the TI calculators with some specific model


Only Supports Texas Calculator

If you are Texas Calculator user, this cable will be the best for you at this price. As a USB cable is one of the essential accessories of a calculator, we enlisted this in our best scientific calculator accessories review. If you are ok with this mini cable, you can order one for your kid.

Here goes our seventh best product of the list, the Caseling Hard case. By the name you know now, it’s a case for your cute calculator. An external case always provides extra protection for your calculator. The calculator case not only provides protection but also has other benefits too. To know about these go through the features.

 Caseling Hard Case

Features and Benefits

The Caseling hard case is made for the Texas calculator that allows the Nspire CX and CAS model. Actually, it fits all of the graphing calculators in the market with similar dimensions. The case is very hard and comes with pure black color. Again, you can use this case for your calculator that holds any model just to be careful about its dimension that is given by the manufacturer.

Now come to its material. The casing case is made of high-quality EVA. Thus, it is very much durable and weather resistant. So, summer or rainy season, or can use this conveniently. The calculator case is also resistant to shock as it is made of anti-shock material. You can carry your calculator with this lovely calculator case due to traveling. It will protect your calculator from any kind of vibration and jerking.

In this section, we will notice its amazing handling option. For easy carrying, the case comes with a wrist strap. Thus, the strap is made of nylon and very hard. Thus, you can easily carry your calculator with this case by this wrist strap. Of course, the strap is removable. So, you can put it or remove it whenever you want.

If you need to carry your calculator charger with you, there is a meshed pocket at the inner wall of the calculator case. In this pocket, you can keep the charger or USB cable and other smaller things that are necessary for your calculator. The interior of the case is soft. Further, the calculator case is comfortable to carry.

What We Like

Comes with soft meshed pocket

Includes space for storing charger and connectors

Hard case with maximum durability

Made with high strength EVA

Shock and weather resistant

Suitable for Texas Nspire series

Can be used for all graphing calculator


Doesn't fit calculator with the sliding case

The Caseling always comes with quality. They are committed to their customer with the best quality that is why we put this in the best scientific calculator accessories reviews. It includes almost the features that will require a hard case. So, you can purchase one for your running calculator. I can assure that you're going to love it.

Well, we have reviewed some case and USB connectors but not any calculator charger which is regarded as the most demand-able calculator accessories. Thus, it’s because all the calculators, both graphical and normal are rechargeable. For this, a calculator charger is the best scientific calculator accessories. Let's check what feature it offers:

 Casio fx-300 PLUS Scientific Calculator

Features and Benefits

This Guerrilla charger mainly supports the TI calculators. The charger is high quality as it from the number one calculator accessories brand. Thus, it supports Ti 84 plus, Ti Nspire CX, and Ti Nspire Cas. Sometimes the default calculator charger that is given with the calculator may stop functioning or is lost somewhere. In this case, a calculator charger is the most important thing to recharge your calculator.

The Guerrilla charger is high quality and provides the best performance. You can easily connect this with your calculator to recharge your calculator. Thus you’ll get the main body of the charger and the e cable comes separately. You can use the USB cable to transfer data from any device to calculator with the help of this cable. Again, you can use this to download calculator apps by connecting with PC.

The speedy Guerrilla charger charges your calculator battery very fast. The charger is heavy duty and improves your charging experience. Again, the cable is highest quality charger among the calculator accessories in the market. Further, the calculator is very lightweight. So, you can store them in the calculator case. Thus the calculator cable is made of the supreme material which allows rapid loading of the cable while using as cable and charging while using a charger.

The adapter of the charger is proved by UL. It's because the manufacturer believes that safety first for all. You should not be worried while charging calculator. There is no chance of an accident until you misuse the charger. This super-fast charger will help you to keep your charger all the time fully charged. Being a math lover a calculator with good configuration is the must. And, to increase its functionality a charger is also essential.

What We Like

Comes with high-quality cable

The adapter is approved by the UL

Provides secure service to its user

Specially made for TI calculators

Gives fast charging experience

Best charger within this price


The cable should be longer

If you just lost your previous calculator charger, you’ll certainly need a new calculator charger. No one doubts about the quality of the Guerilla product. If you really looking for a charger just for a replacement of the old one, don’t look behind just proceed for this.

Let’s talk about the ninth best scientific calculator accessories the Texas Instruments cover. Most of the case that is described and reviewed previously was zippered system cover. But this time, we brought to you a different case. To know more about its material and benefits, please have patience and read the following features carefully.

Texas Instruments cover

Features and Benefits

From the title of the product, we almost get the idea of its compatibility. It perfectly fits the TI 84 graphing calculator. No “zip –unzip“dilemma, just one opening to keep your calculator inside it. If you are a physics lover and really fond of the astronomy, probably this Galaxy print will be a great amusement for you. Further, it supports the Texas 89 and silver edition of the 84.

The pouch comes with the different and custom design. If we look at the material, it provides high-quality PU leather. Thus, it is very soft and flexible. Again the leather comes with natural-looking texture. As it is made of PU leather, it's long lasting and resistant to tear and shear.

Sometimes, it is problematic to put the hard and stiff calculator case. To get you rid of this problem, this leather pouch is a great help. You can easily store your calculator in this pouch. Also, there is a mini pocket on the front of the case where you can store your cell phone. Also, you can keep some sort of thinner objects to carry instead.

We all know that how important a calculator is for the math lover. To protect the calculator form the dust and scratch, a good cover is a must. The Texas Galaxy cover nicely performs the job of keeping your favorite calculator unharmed. It also keeps the calculator button like brand new by protecting them from the dust. It's very light in weight and easy to store.

What We Like

Made with high-quality PU leather

Softcover with highest possible performance

Includes a thinner side pocket to store cell phone

Protects the calculator from external dust and dirt

Supports a wide range of models


A bit over pricey than what it should be

If you just don’t want to carry a heavy pouch with a strap to carry your calculator, this leather case will be the best solution for you. Unlike the zipped pouch, it doesn't include large space, it has tiny pockets with it to store other kits. For a lightweight calculator case, this will be the best option.

Now we are again with a calculator case from a different manufacturer the BOVKE. The calculator pouch is in really reasonable price. And people won't have to think twice about spending less than ten dollars for this purpose. Again, the travel bag takes proper care of your calculator. To know about its cool features and their benefits just scroll down.

BOVKE for Graphing Calculator

Features and Benefits

The BOVKE calculator is made of top quality material. Thus, it is made of anti-shock EVA. So, you can carry this due to traveling. No jerking is going to affect your calculator. As it is made of weather resistant material, you don't need to worry about while it is winter or summer. Just go out with your calculator anywhere without any tension. Also, the pouch is water resistant. If your school bag gets damp on the way to school on sudden raining, your calculator will be safe and dry inside this calculator case.

This travel case is versatile calculator case. You can cover your scientific, financial and graphical calculator perfectly.  Even it allows Casio, Texas, HP and prime calculator with a variety of model. From 82-89 all of the TI calculators fit this carrying case perfectly.

The calculator case has an additional zipped pocket inside the hard case. The pocket is meshed and soft. Also, the meshed pocket is spacious where you can store the USB connectors, charger and other tiny important things. The calculator case easily fits the Casio PRIZM and HP 50g graphing calculator. Also, you can take pencils and rubbers with your calculator by this meshed pocket.

The travel bag is dust-proof and protects your calculator from any kind of harm. The eight-inch calculator case includes a wrist strap for comfortable holding of the bag. Thus, the strap is hard and rigid. So, it is durable and reliable. Again, it is easily removable. If you find it unnecessary, you can remove this strap from your calculator.

What We Like

Includes rigid and durable wrist strap

Provides high quality and shockproof material

The dust-proof case gives extraordinary protection to your calculator

Perfectly fits TI, HP, Casio and all graphical and scientific calculators

Waterproof EVA makes the case more durable

Additional zipped pocket for carrying cable and connectors


Could be more spacious

Provided space is OK for the calculator but not for other things

This travel case provides a large number of features. Actually, you are going to get a complete case with lots of benefits all along. If they meet your need, I think you should not think twice to order one.

Final Verdict

At last, we are at the bottom of our best calculator accessories review. We enlisted twelve best possible accessories on the list. We put all the authentic information that is delivered directly from the manufacturer. In the meantime, you must be selected your favorite accessory.

Thus, it may be a case, cable or protector. If you have finalized your list or even only one single product, your next step should be to explore them online. If you purchase any of our selected items, please leave a feedback after using them. I am pretty much confident that you are going to thank me for using any of our best selection.

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